Invisalign Teen® Info

Teens are more image conscious than ever before. As a result, they are very interested in treatment with Invisalign. But the original system is suited to their needs. That is why there is now Invisalign Teen.

How it Is the Same As the Original System

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Overall, Invisalign Teen is the same as the original system. The aligners are made from 3D digital scans, they are still clear and removable, and they are just as effective. All the things that make the original Invisalign system great are still present.

How It Differs From the Original System

Invisalign Teen has a few small tweaks that make it better for teenage patients. First, it is designed to accommodate their continued growth, which is pretty important for younger teens. Second, it has two features meant to help forgetful teens remain on track with their treatment. The first is a blue indicator dot, letting them know if they have worn their aligners enough. The second is a number of free replacement aligners should they lose some.

If your teen is interested in discreet treatment, Invisalign Teen could be the answer. Schedule an appointment to learn more.