Emergency Care

emergency care

It is highly unusual for orthodontic emergencies to occur, but when they do, our team is here to help you. Here is our simple guide on how to act when an orthodontic emergency occurs.

Genuine Emergency vs. Mishap

Overall, what people think of as orthodontic emergencies are just mishaps. They are inconvenient things that happen during treatment but can be addressed at home or at a non-emergency office appointment.

Genuine emergencies are incredibly rare. These happen when someone is injured and that injury involves the mouth and/or their appliance. When these emergencies happen, the patient should head to the emergency room and while on their way or once there, call us.

Responding to Common Mishaps

  • First, contact us to schedule a visit. While not an emergency, we will want to see you as soon as we can.
  • Second, try to remedy the issue yourself enough to be comfortable. We can walk you though what to do when you call.
  • Third, if any piece of the appliance comes off, save it and bring it to the office visit.

Damaged Appliances

A damaged appliance cannot correct your smile well. In fact, a damaged appliance may do more harm than good. If you notice any part of your appliance has been hurt, contact us so we can fix it. We want to keep your treatment on track.

If ever you are uncertain about how to address an issue, call our office for assistance.